I am hard pressed to think of anyone creating better "space music" than you. (Burton Thomas)

Jaja explores the deep isolation of intergalactic space where things would appear amorphous and frozen in time. Beautiful and incredibly insightful. (Rsfx-amb) Further wonderful transmissions of Jaja's journey into the silent abysses of the universe ... (Andy242) A journey filled with unending peace and calm. (Rsfx-amb)

This is space music: outer, inner, room-filling, head-expanding. It’s all loose sine waves given seconds — and, seemingly, eons — to chart their course. Slight modulations lend a sense of development to the glacial tones, texture provides a richness sometimes lost in synth-heavy work, and layers introduce metric play even when there is no self-evident rhythm. (Marc Weidenbaum)

Dreamy, cosmic, serene. For my nights sleeping in the open. Beautiful. (Max Corbacho) You make us discover that on the scale of the cosmos eternity is the sublime extension of time. (Christian Braconnier) To listen to Jaja is to enter the night sky. (Spieltrieb) Jaja’s celestial orchestration made my body feel as if it was being lifted, gently falling through space. (Ally-Jane Grossan)

The vision behind Jaja's music is to describe in all its facets the sensations of our life in space. Her music is a real invitation to travel to unknown worlds and exploration of the cosmos. (Pieter Moreels) This is absolutely magnificent! So powerful, glad that stars finally aligned for me to hear this! The sound of the Universe through your music! (Kati Astraeir)

Jaja’s work offers us one of the closest approximations to the sublime in all of contemporary music. (Spieltrieb) I think she does the same great work like some masters of singingbowl meditation, only that she uses a minimalist setup of synths. Both, technically and meditative, her music plays in the highest and joyablest sphere´s. (In.Visible.Generator)

There is Jonn Serrie and then there is Jaja... Slow, Rich and Deep excursions for stargazing or just quiet time. All wonderfully composed and produced. What is also unique about Jaja's work is her choice of tuning which I think is creative and richly holistic... Please lookup The Cosmic Octave as well as Attuned Vibrations, Healing. (David Thomas)

One of my biggest inspirations... Immersive work of art that projects you inside and outside yourself. Perfect for meditation, for walking, for breathing, for learning how to be human and beyond. (GreenSunFlowA)


Jaja Bandcamp CYAN Label An Atlas Of The Universe The Cosmic Octave European Southern Observatory


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